Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Location Change for Tuesday Meetings

So last week, I learned that Grant Park is not the place to be on Tuesday mornings. (Unless you are willing to pay a $46.90 parking ticket (ugh, street cleaning)).  So going forward, we will keep meeting at Grant Park on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month, and we will meet at Brookside Park on the first and third Tuesdays.

Brookside Park has two playgrounds.  There is the awesome pirate ship park behind the aquatic center - we are NOT meeting there. We will meet at the playground on the Kidspace side of the park. Go to the Rose Bowl. Park in Lot K - there is plenty of free parking, and there are lots of signs pointing the way to Kidspace. As you head towards Kidspace, you will see a playground.  There's a main playground and a smaller playground for toddlers. We will gather at the smaller playground for toddlers.

If you have PPD, I know this might seem intimidating. YOU CAN DO THIS. And if you get lost or the baby has an explosive poopy diaper or you accidentally go to the pirate ship playground? So what!  You missed a free play group, big deal. My feelings will not be hurt - I know how tough it is to get out of the house when you are fighting those PPD demons.

If you can get yourself to the Rose Bowl, you can find the playground. There are tons of signs pointing the way to Lot K and Kidspace. Follow the signs, you will be fine. I know you can do this.

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